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Can I have erythritol? Can I have allulose?Updated 5 months ago

What Dr. Anna has to say about the March 2023 study released linking artificial sweeteners and cardiac events:

"The media’s choice of alarming headlines this week failed to mention that this study has yet to be fully published and the subjects used were a select high-risk group with an increased probability of high inflammatory markers and/or high glucose. What this study looks at is circulating levels of erythritol in the blood of people who have already experienced a cardiovascular event.”

Dr. Anna is proud to share with assurance that she does NOT use erythritol in any of her products. Here at The Girlfriend Doctor, we are committed to using the most natural, clean and safe products. All of our products are tested for safety and purity according to the Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) and quality assurance procedures.  For example, Mighty Maca Plus and Better Brain & Sleep are both sweetened with pure Stevia leaf extract and Keto-Alkaline Shake and Keto-Green Shakes contain a small amount of pure Monkfruit extract. Dr. Anna's Mighty Maca Plus Energize capsules are Stevia-free.

What Dr. Anna has to say about artificial sweeteners in general:

"We do know that artificial sweeteners, especially aspartame and diet sodas can increase insulin resistance which can lead to weight gain. In animal studies, rats ate more food and gained more weight when artificial sweeteners were added. It's the cruel fact that we've been sold artificial sweeteners and diet foods as health foods."

Further, Dr. Anna talks about the topic of sugar and artificial sweeteners specifically on pages 67-68 of her best-selling book, The Hormone Fix.  She says, "The best thing you can do for your health is to eat natural whole foods and read the labels avoiding preservatives, processed foods, food coloring and artificial sweeteners."

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