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Explore Dr. Anna Cabeca's Menopause FAQs for expert insights and solutions. Get answers to your questions about menopause symptoms, management, and more.

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Discover answers to your questions about Dr. Anna Cabeca's Keto Green Lifestyle. Get insights on nutrition, benefits, and living a healthier, greener life.

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Explore Dr. Anna Cabeca's Hormone FAQs to understand how hormonal balance can transform your health and well-being. Get answers to your questions here.

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Who is Dr Anna Cabeca - The Girlfriend Doctor?

Whether you are before, during or after menopause, Dr Anna is the first call for women who have questions she would only ask her best girlfriend – if her girlfriend were a Triple-Board Certified OB-GYN. As The Girlfriend Doctor, she is committed to h

Does Dr Anna see patients or offer online consultations?

Thank you so much for your interest in Dr. Anna!Dr. Anna now offers consulting at a practice called Carpathia Collective in Dallas, Texas. Please see more info on that practice and the rates here.👉 To book a consult with Dr Anna, as a new patient, v

What is the best way to get advice/suggestions from Dr Anna?

Become a member of our TGFD club for personalized interactions, and seize the opportunity to be in the spotlight by asking Dr. Anna your questions. Learn more about The Girlfriend Doctor club.

Where do I start?

Next, assess the balance of your hormones. Take the quiz to gauge whether they are in harmony or if there's an imbalance: Hormone Toxicity Questionnaire. For further guidance, delve into the details here: Get Started.

What does Dr. Anna recommend for leg cramps?

Better Brain & Sleep. This powder is excellent for men or women in your life that have been struggling with waking up in the middle of the night, foggy brain, or leg cramps while sleeping. It is a great night cap for a clearer tomorrow.

The recipes in the book call for one scoop of Mighty Maca/Protein Shake Powder. Is one packet the same as one scoop?

Yes, 1 packet is equivalent to 1 serving.

How do I know how much to use if there is not a scoop in the canisters or bags of protein shake powder?

There should be a scoop inside each Mighty Maca canister! If none, please reach out to our Happiness Team [email protected]. But to answer your question, each scoop is about 3.6g. For the bag of the protein shake powder, they are in separate pack

What are the differences between Dr. Anna’s books and programs?

You can check all of Dr Anna’s books and their differences here: For the programs/courses:

I am constipated. What should I do?

I am sorry you are struggling with that. Be sure to be eating enough fibre, lots of greens and salads, kale, collard etc and you can add in chias seeds too and plenty of water!. Here is a video from Dr Anna's where she talks about constipation that y

I have a headache and do not feel well. Is this Keto Flu?

The most common "intolerances" are things like headaches, gas and bloating, digestive issues and just generally feeling bad.  If these are your symptoms, just know that detoxification is a GOOD  thing, even though it may be uncomfortable during the p

Can I have erythritol? Can I have allulose?

What Dr. Anna has to say about the March 2023 study released linking artificial sweeteners and cardiac events:. "The media’s choice of alarming headlines this week failed to mention that this study has yet to be fully published and the subjects used

What lab tests do you recommend?

Please visit the link below to Dr. Anna's recommendations for labs. Please see more info here on Dr Anna's four lab results you must know:.

How can I find my book bonuses/resources?

👉 The Hormone Fix. 👉 KG 16. 👉 M

How can I find a functional medicine doctor in my area?

There is an organization called The Institute for Functional Medicine that Dr. Anna recommends. It is an organization of doctors that asks how and why illness occurs and restores health by addressing the root causes of disease for each individual - a

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