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I am constipated. What should I do?Updated 5 months ago

I am sorry you are struggling with that. Be sure to be eating enough fibre, lots of greens and salads, kale, collard etc and you can add in chias seeds too and plenty of water! 

Here is a video from Dr Anna's where she talks about constipation that you might find helpful:

👉Our green supplement-  Mighty Maca® Plus aids metabolism and improves digestion, which should also make you more regular. You could increase your scoops to 2-3 a day if you are not doing that. 

👉Also Dr Anna recommends Vitamin C for a bowel flush. Immune Champion

👉Magnesium will help: Better, Brain and Sleep

👉Finally, taking probiotics can also support bowel regularity: Gut Thrive

I hope that helps! 

If you have any other questions or need further support, please let me know!

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