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Keto-Green Lifestyle

Discover answers to your questions about Dr. Anna Cabeca's Keto Green Lifestyle. Get insights on nutrition, benefits, and living a healthier, greener life.

What is the Keto-Green® Diet?

Dr Anna says, “Traditional ketogenic diets neglect alkalinity, which for women can especially become disastrous. After years of combining research with empirical evidence from hundreds of patients, I combined a ketogenic diet and alkalinity with my K

Can I follow a Keto-Green diet if I am vegan or vegetarian?

You can still adhere to a Keto-Green diet, even if you follow a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle. Simply ensure you align with the core principles of the eating plan: emphasizing high fat, moderate protein, and low carbs. Dr. Anna has thoughtfully incor

I have high Cholesterol. Can I still follow a Keto-Green diet?

Before embarking on any new diet, we strongly recommend consulting with your healthcare provider. In her best-selling book "The Hormone Fix," Dr. Anna emphasizes the close connection between insulin resistance and various serious health conditions, i

Can I still follow a Keto-Green diet if I don’t want to lose weight?

Whether you want to lose weight, gain weight or maintain your weight, following the principles of Keto-Green will help you on your journey to improved health and wellness. Dr Anna recommends checking these key biomarkers in both of her books, Keto-Gr

Why is dairy avoided on all of the Keto-Green Plans?

Dr. Anna excludes dairy from all her Keto-Green plans for several reasons. The primary concern is their carbohydrate content. Moreover, dairy has the potential to provoke food sensitivities and disrupt hormone balance in certain individuals. It's imp

Is it possible to stay keto-green while traveling?

It is possible to stay Keto-Green while traveling, even while enjoying different culinary experiences. Here are a few tips to help:. ✔ Be sure to stay hydrated between meals and when changing climates. Remember thirst masquerades as hunger. ✔ Prepare

I started Keto Green 16 and am using Mighty Maca and now my hot flashes are back. What can I do?

Have you started other supplements at the same time as Mighty Maca? If so, I would suggest doing the elimination method to try and see what really causes your hot flashes. Mighty Maca actually helps with your hot flashes as it naturally balances your

What electrolytes does Dr Anna recommend?

Dr Anna recommends LMNT or Tri-Salts.

How can I lower my uric acid level?

A keto-Green diet is one great way to lower your uric acid. As you continue through the Keto-Green 16 program, your uric acid should start dropping. Incorporating more vegetarian/vegan meals can help, as can incorporating simple movements like walkin

Can I have a dairy? Can I have cheese? Can I have dairy yogurt?

There are few reasons Dr Anna avoids dairy in all of her Keto-Green plans. The main reason is their carbohydrate content. Also dairy can trigger food sensitivities as well as hormone disruptions in some people. Dairy can be very acidic on eating plan

When will I be able to go back to my dairy and bread?

It depends on your goals and lifestyle! But there are few reasons Dr Anna avoids dairy in all of her Keto-Green plans. The main reason is their carbohydrate content. Also dairy can trigger food sensitivities as well as hormone disruptions in some peo

How do I feast?

On “Day 17 and Beyond”, Dr Anna talks about Occasional Feasting she said “Occasional feasting with your favorite foods exemplifies a sensible and moderate way of eating. You can stick to a fairly strict Keto-Green diet during the week but give yourse

Why did I gain weight today? I have followed the plan to a T?

Whether you want to lose weight, gain weight or maintain your weight, following the principles of Keto-Green will help you on your journey to improved health and wellness!. Dr Anna has this to say regarding the Keto-Green lifestyle:. "As you enter a

May I eat dinner recipes for lunch (or vice versa)?

Yes! The Keto-Green 16 plan is very flexible so you can mix and match any of the recipes. Dinner recipes can be used for lunch and vice versa, and it is fine to mix vegan and meat-based recipes. Following one of the meal plans the first time around g

Do I have to have a shake everyday? Where and how do I fit it in?

You can use a shake as a meal replacement for any meal. You can also have a shake as a snack between lunch and dinner if you need it. This is especially helpful as your body is adjusting from burning sugar for fuel to burning fat instead. Dr. Anna pr

How do I fit in breakfast?

We may eat 3 meals a day fasting 15hrs that will fit in. Ideally the goal is to not eat 4 to 5 hrs apart. As an example 10, 2 and 6 finishing by 7 would be an eating window that would work. You may push up. No snacking between meals and if we get hun

Is there anything I can add to my coffee beside what is on page 80 in KG 16?

You can add this creamer as it has 0 carbs. You can also buy C8 MCT oil in powder form. It has a creamier texture than the oil. Just watch for the additives because powdered MCT oil can have weird chemicals, sugars, or artificial sweeteners.

What if I don’t eat a certain protein? May I sub something else?

Keto-Green16 offers you a wide variety of easy fabulous meals, including vegan options. If you don't like chicken, or beef, etc- you can absolutely substitute ingredients for other keto-green and all recipes are interchangeable. That includes the sha

Why are there more than 16 foods in the recipes? May I add other foods besides the 16 in making my own meals?

The Keto-Green 16 plan focuses on 16 key foods chosen for their benefits in weight loss, energy boost, and hormonal balance, particularly beneficial during perimenopause or menopause. While these foods are foundational, the plan's true essence lies i

Should I eat before working out? Or after?

When considering eating around your workout during the Keto-Green 16 challenge, it's essential to tune into your body's signals. If you find you need a boost, a light, nutritious snack like nuts or avocado before exercising can help, especially befor

Can I eat shrimp on Keto-Green 16?

Dr. Anna loves for us to have salmon and white fish because of their particular benefits, but she notes the benefits of shellfish, and especially oysters, on page 49 of Keto-Green 16. She has specifically said that you can have shrimp, scallops, and

Does it matter which nuts I eat?

Nuts can be high in calories so I always suggest we be very careful using them. It can be a slippery slope of wanting more.

I can’t get alkaline no matter what I do. What do you recommend?

Please note that it may take much longer to achieve alkalinity than it does to even reach ketosis. For Dr Anna that is the most important thing- achieving alkalinity! But note that it takes some time and patience and sometimes lifestyle factors like

I have been doing Keto Green and now my labs say my cholesterol is high and my Dr wants to put me on statins. What can I do?

The Keto-Green diet has been shown to help with the underlying issues that cause high cholesterol: things like insulin resistance, low levels of growth hormone, and gut dysbiosis. In this podcast, Dr. Anna explains that we should be addressing the un

I don’t digest fats well. How can I make this work?

Embracing the Keto-Green approach with fat digestion concerns means prioritizing high-quality, plant-based fats like olive oil, coconut oil, and avocados. These fats not only support hormonal balance but are also easier on your digestive system. To e

What should I do if MCT oil causes stomach cramps?

If MCT oil is causing stomach cramps, start with a very small amount, like a teaspoon, and gradually increase it to help your digestive system adjust. Incorporating it into meals rather than on an empty stomach can ease digestion. Ensure you're using

Is MCT powder the same as MCT oil?

MCT oil and MCT powder both come from medium-chain triglycerides, offering great health benefits like weight loss support, energy boosts, and cognitive enhancement. While MCT oil is a liquid, ideal for Keto-Green smoothies or coffee, MCT powder is sp

Which MCT oil does Dr Anna recommend?

Dr. Anna prefers an oil with mostly or all C8 oil like Kiss My Keto C8 oil. See pages 53-54 of Keto-Green 16.

I am allergic to nuts. What can I sub for nuts in the recipes?

There are lots of easy subs you can make for just about any recipe and still have it compliant with Keto-Green 16. You may already know these subs, but I will list them just in case: coconut, flax, or other unsweetened non-dairy milk for almond milk;

Which eating plan should I start with?

Keto-Green 16 presents a range of easily prepared meals, including vegan alternatives. You have the flexibility to customize the recipes to suit your preferences, creating a seamless interchangeability among them. This plan isn’t rigid but rather a s

What should I do if I am hungry between meals?

We are to eat until full, not stuff and if we get hungry add more fat to our next meal no snacking 4 to 5 hrs apart is the general guideline. Fat bombs really assist. No snacking between so we can burn our own fat for fuel helps me get to the other s

Which MenuPause plan should I try?

Selecting a MenuPause plan is a key step to a healthier you. Each plan targets specific goals - from weight loss resistance and detoxing to reducing animal products. Choose based on your health aspirations. For detox and weight loss, the Quick Start

What do you recommend I do to continue losing weight and balancing hormones after the KG 16 Challenge is over?

You can repeat the Keto-Green 16 a couple of times after finishing your first challenge, but Dr. Anna does want you to have one or two feast days in between your challenges, and perhaps even allow a week or two before restarting. Ultimately, though,

Can I still do the KG 16 Challenge if I have food allergies/sensitivities?

Yes! Please make any Keto-Green substitutions you need if you have any food allergies.

How can I stop my carb cravings?

You follow Dr. Anna's secret recipe to help curb your carb cravings now!.

When should I take my supplements?

It's crucial to align supplement intake with your body's needs and daily rhythm for optimal benefits. Starting your day with adaptogens, like Mighty Maca® Plus, can energize and alkalize your body, supporting hormonal balance and vitality. For digest

I have to take my medication with food. Will it break my fast? Meds in the morning with food, same question.

Taking medication with food, while on a fasting journey like Keto-Green 16, is a common concern but remember, your health is the top priority. If your medication needs to be taken with food, it's essential to adapt your fasting plan accordingly. You

How do I join the challenge

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